About IAIC

Purpose and Scope of International Association of Integrative Cooperation


      The purpose of the Association is to coordinate and develop the activities of its Members in order to promote different models and forms of integrative cooperation between them and to represent and protect property and other interests of its members in the Russian Federation and abroad.

       The Association carries out the following activities:

  • Promote the integration and mutual adaptation of production processes among Association Members and enhance economic relations between them in order to improve production efficiency and expand their profits and competitive advantages.
  • Promote the implementation of the integration potential of Association Members in the field of economy to define the areas of cooperation that may see additional economic benefits from the integration and cooperation in the future.
  • Generalize the mechanisms of integrative cooperation used by Association Members in order to assist them in providing conditions for the development of their integration potential.
  • Represent Association Members to government authorities of the Russian Federation and foreign organizations, establish and develop relations between Association Members and Russian and foreign business and public communities.
  • Organize and contribute to scientific analysis and research on integrative cooperation.
  • Organize and participate in science-to-practice and other activities in the areas of activity of the Association and its Members.
  • Engage financial institutions in the integrative cooperation processes between Association Members to reduce the cost of fundraising and make projects of Association Members more attractive to investors.
  • Promote the development of different forms of integrative cooperation with the involvement of government authorities on the basis of public-private partnerships to allow for the modernization of the production facilities of Association Members by attracting additional sources of financing, tax and investment incentives, and state guarantees.
  • Promote the development of innovative forms of integrative interaction through the commercialization of scientific research results and enhanced patent activity of Association Members.
  • Arrange for publishing and advertising services in the areas of activity of Association Members and for their benefit.

      In addition to the activities listed in this Article, the Association is entitled to carry out other activities that are consistent with its purpose and are not in conflict with the laws of the Russian Federation, and in particular to engage in business and other income-generating activities only insofar as this serves the purpose it was created for.