Our partners

 ☆  RAM

The RAM Company was founded in 2004 as a design and experimental organization targeted at the implementation of innovative technologies.

The main areas of companie’s activity are:

  • Development and implementation of prospective technologies, materials and tools in mechanical engineering, oil production, oil transportation and storage, ecology and environmental protection;
  • Conduction of scientific researches, design, pilot-plan, calculation and experimental works in development of new equipment and advanced technology;
  • Establishment of engineering, technical and production base to ensure implementation of obtained scientific results;
  • Implementation of design solutions and prototype models of our developments based on licensed rights.

RAM has an experimental assembly factory, a laboratory and a testing plant. The head office and the production line are located in the Yubileyniy city – one of the Moscow region’s scientific centers. In 2013, the Company became a member of the Inter-industry Association of Nanoindustry (MON)

Union of Artists of St. Petersburg  was and is the one of the most powerful art organization of Russian Artists. Union of Artists of St. Petersburg is a member of International Confederation of Artists Unions. Union of Artists of St. Petersburg includes 11 creative associations.

☆ LLC Center Underwater Technologies «Argonaut» 

☆        Euro Connect (EC) group of companies was founded in 2010 at Islamabad, Pakistan. Euro Connect an independent, global communication, and business strategy firm. They’re focus on innovative concepts with a fresh approach and to provide exceptional quality, service and value to our customers.

EC is one of the leading multi-disciplined consultancy service providers in the Country. EC is much more than an idea maker delivers innovative solutions, differentiated products, reliable service and sound technical advice to its customers around the world.       

 ☆        JSC “Nevsky zavod “Electroshield” was created in 1953 as a part of trust “Gidroelectromontazh” to provide for under construction power facilities electrical products. Being as a part of trust “Gidroelectromontazh, JSC “Nevsky zavod “Electroshield” has performed the full range of works on all large power plants: installation, test run,  fettling of electrical devices, protection systems and control of process automation systems. Developing together with electrical systems, the plant became one of the industry-leading multisectoral enterprises of Department of Energy by 1970. It was executing orders for producing electrical pathways for hydroelectric developments, Thermal Power Plants and then for Nuclear Power Plants including foreign.

            Nowadays JSC “Nevsky zavod “Electroshield” is a leading supplier of equipment for hydroelectric developments, Thermal Power Plants and Nuclear Power Plants, gas and oil producing and explorer companies, large electric systems and industrial and building companies.

 ☆        The Smolninsky Shipping Company offers fascinating excursions and walks on the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg. The company provides high-class comfortable motor ships which conform to all safety requirements and which are also completely equipped to make your trip more comfortable.195

The team of professional guides and captains will help to make trip unforgettable. The company offers both popular tourist routes, and exclusive excursions which will show you the city from a new foreshortening.

Organized excursions on waterways of St. Petersburg, individual trips and night trips under the raised bridges – the Smolninsky Shipping Company will organize any event.

 ☆     «Zlatoust art» is a private company engaged in production and sales of high-quality souvenirs products. This production made by famous gunsmiths in Zlatoust City, Russia. 15 yea%d0%b2%d0%b2rs they produce and sell souvenir products with high artistic value. They glad to introduce You exclusive swords, sabers and checkers, daggers and knives, engravings and different souvenirs (with adding your  company logo or monogram).

Unique handmade weapons shows beauty of nature, scenes of hunting and battles. Taking in hands weapon  you feel power and soul of Russian people. We use such materials as damascus steel, gold, silver, leather, bone and precious woods. For  decorating usually use semiprecious and precious stones. Every product is handmade, unique and has no analogues in the World.

Collectible souvenir products – the best present for large businessman or figures of the highest rank.

Masterpieces of our masters are stored in private and corporate collections (Russia, Germany, France, Near East) and in many museums around the World.